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SERVICES Principal Contracting
Stack are experienced in in in the use of of all elements of of construction construction and construction construction procurement Stack will undertake contracts for for clients in all forms of contract contract such as JCT Design and and Build fixed price and and and lump sum contracts Our thorough understanding of the industry enables us us us to to provide a a a a a contracting service to to our clients focused on on on delivery and collaboration Construction Management
Stack are highly skilled at at providing an an an an integrated design and build consultancy service to to our clients to to incorporate Design Management
with a a a a a a full Construction Management
service service We provide our clients with with a a a a a complete delivery service service for projects and and we work with with both private developers housing associations and and local authorities We are a a a a a a a a a a framework construction manager with the the Hyde Group who are a a a a a member of of the the G15 Consortium of of Housing Associations
Design and Project
Stack provides a a a a a a a a a a full design and and project management service and and can assemble high calibre design teams to to suit particular project requirements Stack are able to to manage teams from masterplanning and detailed planning planning applications through to the production of subcontract works packages for delivery Stack provide all public sector developers with pre and post construction consultancy services 22 

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