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Royal Wharf Docks London Client
Galldris Construction Ltd
Live Project
Stack are providing a a a a a a a highly experienced Design Management team to complete the the design coordination responsibilities in in association with the the the groundwork’s and and substructure packages on
Phase Phase 1 and and Phase Phase 2A of the the Royal Wharf Docks development Galldris are the the Principal Contractor constructing the the piling underground car park and and ground ground floor transfer slab to the the entire project under under a a a a a a a a a a a a a design and and build form of contract Stack manages the the the co-ordination interface between The Galldris design design and the the overall project design Royal Royal Wharf is an exciting mixed development located in in East London’s Royal Royal Docks (www royalwharflondon com) with a a a a a a a a a a a land land size of 40-acre The land land is is being developed into 3 3 385 new new homes commercial retail leisure and and and and educational facilities to to create an an an an entirely new new and and vibrant district for London Contract Value
Contract Period
150 weeks

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