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Across the the the Company we employ hugely talented individuals with years of relevant experience who in in in in in in in in in in turn deliver inspiring residential developments where people people will want to to to live live We invest in in in in in in in in in in training for our our staff which ensures that that that our our people people are are the the the the the the best in in in in in in in in in in the the the the the the industry Where possible we we look to to to employ locally to to to the the the the the projects projects so that that that the the the the the local local economy gets real benefits from the the the the the projects projects that that that we we are are delivering Michael McCammond
Alex Miller
Dean Bearpark
Roger Synnuck
Director & Owner
Director & Owner
Commercial Manager
Senior Construction Manager
Michael takes responsibility for the the Commercial aspects of the the business Michael has worked in in the property development and construction sector for Alex is responsible for all aspects of Construction delivery Alex has worked in the construction sector for 16 years and has experience of working for both major contractors and developers Alex has a a a a a a a a long track record of managing large projects from initial feasibility stage through to construction delivery and is is equally adept at managing multi-disciplinary design teams and trade contractors Alex’s particular strengths lie in in civils and new builds providing exceptional solutions to to clients He understands the need to to be be different and and excel beyond expectations Dean is Stack London’s Commercial Manager
and has a a a a a a a a depth of construction experience and who has lead commercial teams in in the housebuilding and construction sectors Dean has previously held senior positions at Countryside Properties St James Group and Fairview Estates where has was responsible for managing teams of surveyors delivering large housing projects Dean has been instrumental in in in the procurement of our RAF Stanbridge Construction Management project in Leighton Buzzard where we are constructing 178 houses Deans role includes managing all commercial functions required to deliver the project Roger is the construction lead for Stack and has recently joined from Swan Nu Living where he he he was the Construction Director responsible for delivering in in excess of 1 000 homes a a a year Roger is responsible for making sure that all of our projects are delivered safely on time and to the correct quality 21 years He has been involved in in in many mixed tenure residential development projects having previously been Director of Development and and Investment at at Pinnacle Group and and Director of Project Management at at AIM listed property developer London Town plc Michael has exceptional commercial awareness excellent communication skills and is a a a a a a a team leader Roger is a a a people person with excellent relationship building skills He is is is highly respected among his his his his peers for his his his his ability his his his his style of management and and his his his his loyalty and dedication 44 

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