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John Friel
Paul Mackay
Roger Caygill
Seyi Shodunke
Senior Project Manager
Commercial Manager
Senior Project Manager
Technical Manager
John is a a a a Senior Project Manager
who has in-depth construction knowledge and and has the experience and and and ability to deliver large and and and small projects on time and and within budget John has worked in in in many highly challenging and and dynamic environments and and prior to working with Stack was instrumental in in in in in growing his family business (Friel Construction Ltd) from a a a small construction company turning over £100k to £50m per annum John has a a a a a proven track record in in building successful teams who deliver outstanding results Paul Paul joined the company in in 2015 Paul Paul has 15 15 years’ experience of of working in in in the construction sector and he he brings a a a a a a wealth of of of experience gained in in in in a a a a a a a a variety of of commercial roles working on a a a a a a a a wide range of projects Paul has worked as as the the commercial lead lead for some of the the UK’s leading Principal Contractors and has delivered multiple successful projects simultaneously across numerous sites Many of these projects were in live environments sensitive areas and city centre locations Roger is a a a a highly skilled Senior Project Manager
with 21 years’ experience in in in the construction industry served mainly with large Civil and Mechanical Engineering companies in in in in in in the the UK Working in in in in in in both the the building and oil sectors Roger’s breadth of experience provides clients with the operational and financial management experience required for successful projects Roger’s expertise means he he is is able to tie in the the Commercial and Operational needs of the the project Roger is responsible for a a a a a a a team of site managers who manage manage and deliver projects Seyi is a a a a highly driven technical manager with strong design project management skills and and particular expertise with RC frame frame traditional build and and timber frame frame structures Seyi is competent to work on packages such as Civils Services Oversite Substructure Superstructure Roofing Façade Building Services & Fit Out Seyi has knowledge & experience of NHBC LABC LTH LHDG Highway sectional agreements Statutory Authorities BREEAM CFSH Robust details & NBS specifications 5 

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